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More of J Young MDK

Here are some edited shots of J, from the first and second photoshoots. I have since done two more shoots, but they have yet to be edited… I have too much other stuff going on! We did a shoot underneath the Freedom Parkway bridge, with all that awesome graffiti as a backdrop, but it was brief because he didn’t have enough outfits to warrant making a full shoot out of it. Most recently, we did a shoot in downtown Atlanta with a Maserati… I will edit both soon and post some from each.┬áThe last post I did was from the first photoshoot only, and the pictures were not edited. This is an example of what they look like after some Photoshop TLC:

One from the first shoot, touched up and cropped.

Two from the Cotton Mill Lofts shoot, side by side because I don't know which I like better

From the Cotton Mill Lofts shoot.

From the first shoot, on Paul's roof.

One of my favorites so far, also from the Cotton Mill Lofts shoot.

J Young Da Million $ Kid

Yesterday, Paul asked me to help out with a shoot his friend had asked him to do. Turns out his friend was J Young, an up and coming Atlanta rapper, and I had a really fun time with it! I used a reflector for the first time, and I usually avoid lighting and flash at all costs, but the reflector was just simply awesome. We did the shoot on the roof of Paul’s building, and there was a great sunset that lit up the Atlanta skyline, and the reflector allowed me to bounce the flash off of it, onto J Young, and I was able to then expose exclusively for the background. Kinda HDR-y in a way, because everything in the shots has great tone. For some one who never does portrait work, this was really just a great chance to see how fun it can be. I was able to use not only my 580EX flash, which was a lifesaver, but also all of my glass, as the 70-200 and 100mm macro make great portrait lenses, while the 16-35 has those wide angles covered.. He told me he wanted to do a lot more work with me, which is great, and he has some awesome ideas for future shoots… who knows. Anyway, here are a few from what we did yesterday. I have not had time to edit them at all, but I shot all 9GB of pictures in RAW so I will be able to pull out tons more detail where it’s needed, dial back exposures, and remove powerlines, poles, and flash-reflections as necessary.

My favorite of the bunch.

A Visit to the Botanical Garden

…And of course, 99% of the time I spent there I had the 100mm macro on! For a guy with a weakness for flowers, a botanical garden is like a car show for some one really into cars… so many different kinds, all looking their best, ready to be photographed. I don’t actually know much about flowers; if these were pictures of cars I could tell you more about them but flowers for me really are just a great way for so much color and line to come together in one shot, and things like composition and slight changes in depth of field decide whether a shot is a keeper or a throwaway. The dragonfly one here is slightly different than the one I posted over on the main site, if you look up and left you will see, very out of focus, another dragonfly entering the shot… I didn’t notice this until I was editing the images, and it adds to it. This shot was also done at f/5.6, as opposed to the other one which is at f/2.8. This is mostly due to the fact that, as time went by and I realized that he was just gonna sit there, I took the time to adjust camera settings after knowing that I’d at least gotten the shot at 2.8. The slightly wider depth of field lets you better appreciate the beauty in those wings.

Double Dragonflies at the gardens (f/5.6 remix).

Oh, that bokeh!

Quick shot of a butterfly, no time to get closer as he zoomed off :(

One of many awesome orchids they have in the Orchid Room.

I'm not sure if I like this one more or the next one...

What do you think?