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Here are some edited shots of J, from the first and second photoshoots. I have since done two more shoots, but they have yet to be edited… I have too much other stuff going on! We did a shoot underneath the Freedom Parkway bridge, with all that awesome graffiti as a backdrop, but it was brief because he didn’t have enough outfits to warrant making a full shoot out of it. Most recently, we did a shoot in downtown Atlanta with a Maserati… I will edit both soon and post some from each.┬áThe last post I did was from the first photoshoot only, and the pictures were not edited. This is an example of what they look like after some Photoshop TLC:

One from the first shoot, touched up and cropped.

Two from the Cotton Mill Lofts shoot, side by side because I don't know which I like better

From the Cotton Mill Lofts shoot.

From the first shoot, on Paul's roof.

One of my favorites so far, also from the Cotton Mill Lofts shoot.

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