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Sunset and Moonrise under the Stars

This is the second of the two shots that I took a month ago in Maine, while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear (which they never did). I had no idea how they would turn out, and I was definitely pleased, especially after I processed the single file into three differently exposed ones, to simulate a ±2 stop, three shot bracket that is normally used for processing into an HDR. The 814 second exposure was long enough to capture the clouds receding, lit by the rising moon (directly behind me opposite the clouds, not in the shot) as the stars began to show. The result looks like something between a sunset and a sunrise, which is really just the clouds receding over time. The dock moves constantly with the water, and it is that movement that causes it to appear fuzzy in the shot.

The reddish orange light on the wooden posts of the dock is coming from our house, all the way back up the hill behind me.

Skatepark Bail

Just past the American Ninja Warrior taping you can find Venice’s skatepark. It’s always bustling with a huge variety of skaters with some (and arguably the best) as young as 6 years old. Last time I was shooting single-shot HDRs I was facing the other direction, watching the street performers climb on top of each other. Venice begs for the single-shot approach because there is so much ACTION here: the basketball courts, the mini-tennis courts, the skatepark, the street performances, and the general bustle of a place that’s forever crowded. The skatepark is one of my favorite places to find single-shot material and I expect plenty more fun images to come from here in the future…

Not everybody is a pro here. This guy got a little fancy and had to bail. This area attracts a small ring of spectators and the skaters politely take turns taking this run. It's really nice to see people from all over having fun enjoying a common pastime: Venice Beach CA

Disneyland: Dumbo

Right after I got a few shots of the carousel, I turned around and tried to see what I could do with Dumbo. I spent a while trying to get separate images of the ride in motion but I couldn’t see any of them coming out looking right. I settled for a single shot approach and reframed to try and get something interesting that would show off the fact that the motion of the ride had been frozen in an HDR. Now that I think about it, I really wish I’d actually gotten on the ride… oh well, I was having fun regardless.

Flying Dumbo's careen past in Disneyland's Fantasyland: Anaheim CA

Disneyland: Color Rave in California Adventure

It has been way too long since I entered a username and password here. I finally have some new stuff to put up and it’s going to take a while to get processed but I wanted to start off with a flash of color. Apparently Disney California Adventure turns the Hollywood section of the park into an all out rave complete with cash bar every night and I never knew about it. I was on my way to the Tower of Terror with my family and we were caught up in the infectious Journey remix that the Uncle-Sam-meets-disco DJ was laying down. The place was going crazy! Anyways, many more to come…

Disneyland Rave - no saturation settings were adjusted here. Shot with standard photo style etc., the place really was this psychedelic: Anaheim CA

Venice Beach: Performers

While we were at Venice we happened across a group of street performers that was performing all manner of acrobatics. I’ve been lucky with the 7D: I’ve noticed that a very small percentage of my favorite HDR’s have come from tripod shots owing mostl

y to the fact that I rarely have a tripod on hand when I find something I want to shoot. The 7D’s rate of fire has been extremely helpful in minimizing the time needed to take three individual exposures — the slightest difference between shots can really mess up a potentially fantastic HDR. However, for action shots like the one below, not even the 7D could squeeze out 3 quick ones before the subjects would have moved. This is a tribute to the RAW format, to allow me to choose a single shot from the dozen or so I snapped off while they were in this position. Making two copies, sending one down two stops and another up two stops, and treating them as three separate images allows you to HDR action scenes. It’s not the best way to make an HDR, but if you’re looking for a way to experiment with HDRs of action, the RAW format is your best friend 🙂

These guys were awesome, not bad for free entertainment.