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Traveling around NZ

So it’s been a while. But I finally got out of Atlanta, so I no longer have to endure the haze and heat. In fact, I now have to put on extra sweaters and stuff. I’ll be studying abroad in Australia for the summer, but before that, I came to New Zealand to visit Andrew since I’ll probably never be closer, or have such a convenient place to stay/guide person/fellow photo enthusiast with me. Anyways, we’ve been driving all over the South Island and doing all sorts of crazy things (We went skydiving during an earthquake, for example, not on purpose I suppose, but still) and so much so that I’ve hardly had time to take any pictures of all the places and things we’ve seen. After we went skydiving, we hiked around Queenstown and got a good view of the area, and naturally took some pictures. Also, Andrew is showing me how to make some of those awesome HDRamas he’s been posting, so I’m trying to get that looking good as well and should eventually post it.


We hiked up Queenstown Hill to get this view across Lake Wakatipu. It was an OK view...although I had just seen Queenstown rushing toward me from 12,000ft just a few hours earlier, so I may be a little biased. I decided on a 16x9 crop because I felt there was a little too much dead space in the sky above those clouds.