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I am not dead, I promise! I am just in Hawaii without a laptop. I have my little netbook which is good for browsing the internet and checking email, but at the merest mention of “photomatix” or “35MB raw file” it cries and melts into a little pool of plastic. My dad has his Macbook Pro here, so I will hopefully be able to use that in a day or so to at least get one or two shots up on the blog. I’ve been here two days and have already filled up two 16GB cards…. there will be so much work to do when I get home it is almost not worth thinking about. We are currently staying on the island of Kauai, in Hanalei Bay in a house right on the beach, literally 10 steps from it, so when we’re not out seeing the sights we are probably in the water or reading by the water. Such a nice break from the (unnaturally cold) Atlanta winter! We spent the morning at a botanical garden up in the mountains, and have plans to visit volcanoes, black sand beaches, and Pearl Harbor as we island hop over the next week or so. More updates will come as soon as I get my hands on a copy of photomatix. I would post some iPhone-HDR I’ve been taking along the way but it just doesn’t do it justice.