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Walt Disney Studio Lot – Outdoor Hall

Yet another from Legends Plaza, this may be my Freedom Parkway for taking pictures out here. I love coming here on my lunch break because there’s always something pretty to get a new angle on, but I’m excited to venture out into the parks tomorrow. We’ll see what happens…

Outdoor hallway on Legends Plaza: Burbank CA

Walt Disney Studio Lot – The Legends Statue

I saw this one when I was here a few days ago and knew I’d have to come back for it. Right now I’d say that it’s my favorite if not a close second to Roy and Minnie, but Legends Plaza is such an excellent little place. The full range of color in this one was surprising to me; I only really appreciated it when it came out in the HDR process. It’s all in there, but Photomatix lets us see it all at once. I know, I know, this one is getting borderline cartoony, but then again, this is Disney we’re talking about.

The Epic Legends Statute on Legends Plaza: Burbank CA

Walt Disney Studio Lot – The Overlooked Tree

Well this really could have been anywhere I suppose but I saw this tree as I was dining at the commissary yesterday and felt like it needed some love. I think green is one of the most beautiful colors to include in photos–obviously it carries the symbolic associations with life and health but it really does add a certain solidity when you’re looking at natural life and it’s jump-off-the-page green. Just my opinion I suppose… I had been meaning to cross Riverside to get some shots at the Animation building but I was running short on time and spent too much time with my green friend here…

I felt so bad about such a beautifully green tree being so overlooked in the presence of bronze Mickey statues... Burbank CA

Walt Disney Studio Lot: Roy O. and Minnie


About halfway down Legends Plaza is a statue of Roy O. Disney and Minnie Mouse. The statue is a tribute to the combined efforts of Roy O. and his son Roy E. to keep the focus of the company on its foundation in animation when it seemed

as if the animation department would be overgrown by the advent of live action programming in the 80s. It now seems impossible to think that animation would ever be anything short of Disney’s mainstay… Through Roy E.’s guidance as the head of the animation department, Disney made a string of box office successes including “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin,” and “The Lion King” (ever heard of them?) to prove the importance of animation to the company’s repertoire. About a month after his death, the studio’s Animation Building was renamed in his honor this past January.

Roy Disney seated alongside Minnie Mouse on Legends Plaza: Burbank CA

Walt Disney Studio Lot: The “Team Disney” Corporate Building across Legends Plaza

Hooray! Double post.

Continuing past the water tower, I came to this angle of Disney’s corporate building. Legends Plaza houses commemorative plaques and statues for actors and performers that have served the studio well and I am told that there used to be a reflecting pool here. Something about being directly on top of the underground corporate parking lot, water leaks, staining vehicles, etc. but whatever the case the pool is no longer here. I expect it would have looked nice though 🙂

The building bears a stark resemblance to the Swan and Dolphin Resorts at Walt Disney World in Orlando and this is because they were designed by the same man, Michael Graves. There is another large statue on this plaza, the classic Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse “Partners” piece that features at the end of Main Street in every Magic Kingdom park around the world: I hope to get a few shots of this on a return visit.

Interestingly, Disney is the last major studio to house its executive offices on the main lot: Burbank CA

Walt Disney Studio Lot: Water Tower and Soundstages

It seems my fellow compatriots have been outposting me. Grrr.

I had the lucky privilege of taking the 7D around the Disney Studio Lot last week. What a place! After stopping by for a quick bite to eat in the commissary (under new management, still don’t know how I feel about losing the Panda Express) I headed past Soundstages 1 and 2 trying to find a good angle on the water tower. I quickly discovered that this would be a tough shot considering that no matter what I was going to be below it so I decided to get something with more than just the tower in it. I looked back at where I had come from and framed this up to get a snippet of Burbank’s hilly surroundings, the top of the ABC building peeking over Soundstage 3, the tower of course, and this colorful building up front.

As per Roy Disney's wishes, the tower has six legs instead of four. But why? Burbank CA

Stairs at the Disney Concert Hall

One of my first shots from downtown LA, I took this before getting my 16-35mm f/2.8L. The 50mm is a great little guy but made it a bit difficult to squeeze very much building into the frame. But the sign is pretty cool too. I think I’ll head back ov

er at some point this week to do the whole building.

Evening at the Walt Disney Concert Hall: Los Angeles, CA