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Gecko Unlimited

STILL have HDRs to post from Rome. I was walking around Rome with my friend Gucci Mane, aka Victor, and I happened to catch sight of this little lizard sunning itself in a random alcove. Anyways, I love the way the 85 makes the out of focus light look at f/2, and also I love lizards.

Lizard sunning in an alcove somewhere in Rome

Rome Again

Although I’ve spent more than a week in Siena, I still have more HDRs from Rome to post and nothing I’m happy with from Siena yet. Siena is quite beautiful, but either I haven’t had my camera or the pictures I have shot have not come out well. However, I did shoot some fun 30 sec exposures last night on the Piazza del Campo (where it seems like all of Siena comes out to every night, to talk, eat gelato, or just hang out).

This one I shot at the Trevi fountains in Rome, where it seems like everything is made out of marble.

Statues in the Trevi Fountain

The west entrance of the Piazza del Campo in Siena

Stone Lion on Piazza Navona

I found this lion on one of the fountains on the Piazza Navona, and I really liked its aggressive stance along with the glow the sandstone gives in the sun. The light was great, I was feeling great after some delicious gelato, and was glad to take a break from walking to shoot.

Frozen in stone, but ready to pounce

New Blood on the Hill

One day while wandering around Rome I found myself on top of the Palatine Hill. The weather was rainy, the air was hazy, and I thought I’d go home with no good pictures. While resting my feet at a bench, my eyeline wandered and rested on this burst

of color hidden in the undergrowth. The flower was behind some other grass and I was surprised at the way the lens seemed to bend the light around the obstacles, and leaving what looked like shadows over the picture. I liked the effect.

Life and death in the undergrowth

Roman Construction

This shot from in front of the Trinità dei Monti looks down the Via Sistina. As one of my first 5-shot brackets, I seem to have gotten really lucky with this shot as well. Despite the time spent switching the bracketing settings (during which people moved a lot!) Photomatix seems to have sorted this movement out extremely well (I didn’t even see ghosting or anything). I had my tripod set up on top of a trash can pointed down those streets, looking for any scenes to bracket since this was one of the few moments when I could set down my tripod and shoot. After so much shooting at Freedom Parkway, I felt like I might be able to work the crane into the shot the same way that Tucker and I use the radio tower. Although I’ve left Rome, I still have many HDRs from there to put up and my limited internet access here prevents me from posting new images as much as I’d like to….But anyways. Take a look.

A crane towers over the Via Gregoriana

Pictures on Piazza

I rarely had opportunities to really set down my tripod and get some brackets in Rome, but the other day I was at the Piazza di Spagna and finally had some time to get out my tripod and shoot some solid brackets. I did some 5 step brackets then (including the unsuccessful set of the clouds from the other day) and in processing these and others I was amazed at how spectacularly marble glows. The picture of the sun was not a 5 step bracket, and although the church is, I am unsure how much the extra stops helped. The sky turned out poorly as usual which forced me to spend hours in Photoshop bringing it back. The sun over the apartments was truly spectacular and I was glad that these brackets helped capture what I saw.

The sun peeks over some apartments at Piazza di Spagna

Trinità dei Monti at the top of the Spanish steps above the Piazza di Spagna

A Storm Brews in the Heavens

It sometimes seems that despite all the careful planning in the world, bad luck can destroy a good picture. However, in the same way, good luck can unexpectedly give you the opportunity to make some amazing photographs. HDR for me seems to especially highlight this problem, since I personally have even less chance than usual of knowing whether one of my HDR brackets will make a good picture. Sometimes, though, I just get really lucky. I was attempting a 5-stop bracket with -2, -1, 0, 1, and 2 EV (manually-Canon cameras have a lot of good features but in the bracketing realm Nikon has them beat) on the sky with the sun in frame, and during processing found that there was too much movement between setting up each set of brackets. Exasperated after an hour of work, I just decided to reprocess just the 3 stops in the middle and immediately saw how spectacular this scene had come out. This HDR is definitely one of the less subtly processed; the sky looked nothing like this when I was looking out over Rome.

A mass of clouds gather in the Roman twilight

When In Rome

Shoot HDRs!!! After spending most of the day wandering around the old city and doing interesting (but admittedly touristy) stuff, I found my way up the Palatine Hill and into the wonderful Farnese Gardens. It had been cloudy all day, and rained intermittently (the worst of it was while I was eating lunch inside – I didn’t even realize how lucky I got). The rain was annoying but provided phenomenally excellent lighting conditions for some on-the-go portraits of my friends here (I had only brought my 85mm lens with me so I was pretty limited in what I could shoot). Anyways, at the gardens I found some lovely flowers after the rain, pulled out my handy T-pod, and shot some brackets. Here’s my favorite.

Red flowers after the rain in the Farnese Gardens in Rome

Upwardly Mobile in Inman Park

The area around the Inman Park neighborhood used to be a lot of abandoned factories, but recently much of it has been demolished or renovated. One such factory on Krog Street has been transformed into a little mall type thing, but the old walls and sliding doors remain right next to the modern compact fluorescent light fixtures and clothing stores. Tucker and I spent a long time there since there were so many awesome details to shoot.

Indoor HDR of a Light Fixture in the renovated factory on Krog St. in Atlanta

The Jewel In The Lotus

This beautiful lily bloomed in the pond in my parent’s backyard. I was eating lunch at home the other day and my mother told me she thought I might want some pictures of it. They had planted this lily only a few days beforehand, and I think this flo

wer makes the whole pond worth it.