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Christmas Eve Fun

There’s a house on our street that does a decent job of lighting up around this time of year and my mom had mentioned several times that we ought to go snag some pictures of it while the lights are on at night. So we went a few hours ago, deciding what better way to spend the early end of a Christmas Eve than taking pictures of holiday lights! I’m still working on a few of the ones we got but it pains me to say that in my vanity I asked to borrow her Rebel XTi and used it to shoot what ended up being my favorite images from the night… of my own camera under some of the lights. Say what you will, we had a fun time trespassing on private property and agitating the neighbors dogs just for kicks. Spending more than 5 seconds looking at this image will reveal something unusual on TAG: Nikon equipment. Gasp. Before I drove home from LA about a week ago, I had a good opportunity to pick up some old Nikon primes for video work on the 7D but I was lazy and waited a long time to order my F to EF mount adapter. That’s a 14mm f/2.8 on there, representing the widest end of our combined lenses… can’t wait to slap it on Tucker’s 5D when he gets back from HI…

Merry Christmas everyone! We're supposed to get a little snow tomorrow so here's hoping we get an excuse to add a "Snow" category on the side... Atlanta, GA