Yosemite: Starting Things Off

posted by andrew

So Giacomo and I trekked up north to Yosemite this past Sun-Wed and came back with approximately 25GB of pictures and videos. I had been once before in 2000 and it was amazing to be able to go back with such a different perspective on the place now that I love photography so much. It really is one of the most beautiful places on earth and as such commands a near infinite number of photographic opportunities. On our first day there, we snagged a parking spot at the Yosemite Lodge before the place got too crowded. The plan was to try and be up on top of the valley ridge by ┬áthe time sunset rolled around. Although this flies in the face of official hiking advisements to hit the trails early in the morning before the sun is out, we figured that we should start the 3.2 mile climb up the Yosemite Falls trail around 1pm. Fortunately, the sun is so high in the sky by this point during the day that on this particular trail, hikers are afforded a great deal of shade even in the afternoon since the sun is already blocked by the valley wall. More details to come later, but suffice to say that a stupid number of pictures was taken over the course of two days and we’ll be backlogged processing HDR’s for a month (I still have the Getty trip from a few weeks ago and last Friday’s Disneyland trip to sort out!). Here are three to start things off…

About a mile up the trail you can step out to a frail railing and take in this lovely view. The circular polarizer does what it can to make an utterly cloudless (and therefore boring-ish) sky look the best it can: Yosemite CA

If you adventure off the path away from the edge of the falls, you can sneak back into a little pool near the top of the falls. Instant relief for tired feet: Yosemite CA

About a mile past the falls you reach Yosemite Point and about a quarter mile past that you get to an amazingly epic outcrop we dubbed The Pedestal. As the sun set to my right, it lit the fringe of the valley walls. I can't point it out in this image, but this is Glacier Point and the west end of the valley... Yosemite CA

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