HDR for the sake of HDR

posted by tucker

I have been bored, and that leads to long photo walks. Photo walks inevitably lead to HDR, and I found myself at poorhouse cove with a rather tame sunset (once again, no clouds…. I am still waiting for a good night!) and a profusion of flowers. It was low tide, which further provoked me to use depth of field to my advantage and cause the sunset to be merely background color, while focusing on the flowers in the front. Not my favorite work ever, and yes, it goes against my rule of “not making HDRs when the original, straight photo isn’t great…” but hey, I am having too much fun with HDR to not do some every day! I still have yet to photograph the little fishing town of South Bristol, which is right down the road from our house here. The village contains a swinging drawbridge called the “gut”  but I am waiting for a particularly good night as it is truly a picturesque town that needs a great sunset to really do it justice… with the right light, the images I take there could well be some of my favorites ever. Maybe I will get lucky in the coming days 🙂 for now, some more cliché.

Some flowers and out of focus sunset....

...followed by some flowers, and some out of focus sunset.

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