Paradise Pier

posted by giacomo

So I went to LA this weekend to visit Andrew, and so of course he took me to Disneyland since I had never been. We got to the park pretty early at around 9:00 (most of the rides open at 10), but since we knew we wanted to shoot that day we brought all our camera stuff and a hefty Manfrotto tripod so we could get our HDR on that night at World of Color. Andrew spent the whole day building up the World of Color event (a light and water show in the California adventure park), which is so popular it happens 3 times a night with ~5000 attending each showing, and it was ABSOLUTELY justified. We got almost the whole thing on video in HD on his 7D, which made lugging the tripod around for the whole day completely worth it. We also got some HDR from the event as you can see below in Andrew’s post, but in the between time we stopped off a couple times to shoot some of the sunset, since we were there…

Mickey's Fun Wheel at Paradise Pier in the California Adventure park

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