Disneyland: Paradise Pier Prior to World of Color Show

posted by andrew

As Giacomo and I spent the better part of the day goofing off and hitting the main attractions (the sack of Fastpasses certainly didn’t hurt) of both parks, there was a constant concern that stuck at the back of the mind throughout the day: where were we going to get put for the World of Color Seating? I had seen the show once before (well, twice but the first time shouldn’t count since it was from behind) with my family and realized all too late that I was too close to the water to get enough of it in frame. We knew we would have about 60 seconds to find a spot and stay there once the gate opened as the mob for the 11:15 showing poured into the reserved area. We settled on a spot and took a shot in the few minutes before the show started…

The show takes place on the surface of Paradise Pier and is unlike any other type of show I've ever seen before... Stunning. Anaheim CA

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