Iconic Maine Lighthouse

posted by tucker

It seems that every single mention of Maine in the media, books, movies, etc has to include a lighthouse. This may be due to the fact that Maine is home to many of them… and they are much like the windmills of Holland, a big part of the landscape and an icon of the place. This one in particular is on Pemaquid Point, on the other side of the point from the shot that I posted yesterday. Another mediocre sunset, but this one was greatly aided by the presence of the lighthouse ๐Ÿ™‚ It is really a tranquil place to spend some time and I have really good memories of it going back to childhood.

On another note, I have joined MobileMe, Apple’s web-based service that provides, among many other things, an easy way to upload photos and make online galleries. Check it out! I will be adding TONS more over the next few days… this will be the main space where I put my “straight” photography, be it the work I am doing for J Young, family-related photos, vacation shots, high-school independent study work… lots will go there. I will also have an “HDR” album that will include JPGS of all that I have posted here, as well as some ones that didn’t make it to the site. It is mainly a place for me to put large bodies of work that are non-bloggable… blogs are great for a single image that you write about, and so it is perfect for HDRs as they usually take lots of time to plan, shoot, and process, so by the end of it you feel like it’s really special. With normal photos, especially in the digital age, it is easy to take 500 photos and choose 200 of them that you think are good… and not want to write about any!

An iconic lighthouse in Pemaquid, Maine.

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