Disneyland: Downtown Disney at Night

posted by andrew

So my dad and my sister got sick of my mom and I walking around and taking pictures of everything… they decided to bounce and head up to the room since tomorrow was going to be an early one (the character breakfast mentioned in the shot of California Adventure Entrance) leaving my mom and I to continue roving around Downtown Disney at night. I’m working on a few from within the Rainforest Cafe right now, I really like where they’re going. Anyways, we wanted a vantage point to be able to look down on as much of the area as possible and, sighting an empty-looking balcony on the second floor of a restaurant, barged in the door and up the stairs in a “we belong here, don’t ask questions” manner. It was a fun little intrusion, I really like how it turned out…

Bustling people and their humming credit cards. Makes for troublesome ghosts here and there but for the most part I like it: Anaheim CA

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