Thunderhead over a Favorite Location

posted by tucker

While hanging out with Giacomo yesterday (processing HDRs, of course, like the cool people we are) he pulled up this one from a long time ago and asked why I hadn’t put it up yet. Having no good reason, I decided to do just that. It’s about time for another Freedom Parkway shot anyway ๐Ÿ˜€ This one is particularly dramatic, and I am not sure I would have processed it in the same way were I to do it now, but it actually works well to convey the overwhelmingly ominous sense of an oncoming Atlanta summer thunderstorm. I do like looking back at older work (older is only 4 months at this point, but I have done so much HDR in that span of time that things really are different!) to see what has changed. My overall style and compositions have remained relatively consistent but I think I have started to go for a more “natural” look in the processed images, attempting to use the HDR technique to merely enhance reality rather than to make the scene surreal, as this one is. However, it’s always fun to do the occasional crazy one! I have also started to pay a lot more attention to my shadows and highlights, and have been using burning, dodging, and masking to selectively brighten and darken areas of the image, to make a certain part really pop, or to really darken a shadow.

On another note, we have completely figured out the reason that some images were much larger than others, causing the site to load slowly. I have gone back and fixed most of mine, but not all yet… the upside of this is that these images now link through to the full-resolution image, but only click on it if you have a decent internet connection as the full resolution files are 10-15MB each! Andrew and Giacomo will probably not take the time to make their links go to the full res shots, as it really is a time-consuming process, and they actually have lives, but the larger, 1920×1200 images that they will link to aren’t small by any means! But at the very least all of the smaller, 900×600 images that load on the main blog page will now be in the 100-300kb range, and we will start going backwards through the blog to correct this problem, making for much faster loading times for everyone.

I guess the storm isn't so much "oncoming" as it is right overhead!

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