Quiet, Unsaturated, and Empty

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In contrast to what Andrew has recently posted, I have been doing work that lacks crowds, crazy colors, and all that is Disney… but what he’s posted is awesome! I especially like the California Adventure Main Entrance; it’s just an awesome picture that really pops in the right way and is framed perfectly. Bravo on that. I have been busy with work and life in general, so I haven’t been able to post for the past few days. Again, most of the work I have been doing is for Rick, so here is another post from that endevour… it seems likely that by the end of this you will have seen every room in Rick and Pete’s house! That is also partly because every room in the house is gorgeous, simple, welcoming, warm, well designed, and worth photographing! Rick has complimented my work, but in all honesty I just take pictures of what is already beautiful. I would love someday to be able to live in a space to which he has applied his uncanny skill and design sense. More is sure to come, as I have yet to photograph the front and back of the outside of the house. Giacomo got back today, so there is sure to be much HDR before I leave for Maine once more. Here is a shot from the downstairs bathroom in Rick’s house, and just for fun, a hand-held HDR of the current state of my room… we are putting in the trim and baseboard tomorrow, and all that will be left to do after that is paint! Hopefully that will get done when I am home from Maine, and I can move back in. I have been trying my hand at indoor HDR whenever I get a chance… it is much harder than outside because issues of color balance/white balance crop up in nearly every shot, requiring much more processing time.

On a different note, I have discovered why some of the pictures that we upload are huge, requiring much more time to load and therefore drastically increasing the time that the entire blog itself takes to load. This is mostly the fault of the WordPress uploading system itself, and one that we can now work around… I have begun to correct it in all of my images, so that the ones that appear small on the main page are very tiny in file size, and the click-through image is the full-resolution 21 megapixel file. Andrew and Giacomo still have to correct theirs, but once it is done the site should load much faster, especially for those of you on dial-up connections ๐Ÿ˜‰

One side of Rick and Pete's downstairs bathroom. So much texture!

I spent about a month stripping the paint off of the 108 year old trim...........

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