Poolhouse at Night

posted by tucker

Most of the HDRs I’ve been doing recently have been for Rick, and because of that I am posting mostly from the stuff that I have shot for him. This is a shot from the Tidwell’s pool and poolhouse that Rick designed, taken a few hours later than the previous one I posted. I was there for nearly 3 hours, and witnessed a storm approach, pour rain down on us (when I shot from under the porch) and then leave, bringing night skies in its wake. Rick also had many lights installed, all timed to come on at sunset, and you can see some of them in the tress in this shot. The light shining up on the smaller trees to the right are also part of his design. It’s a really cool effect to be outside as they turn on. All in all it made for some great shots. I am in the midst of editing them; I have processed the 40-odd HDRs through Photomatix but the really time-consuming part, the Photoshop editing, has yet to be done for about half of the shots.

The Tidwell's pool and poolhouse at night, all lit up and beautiful.

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