A Well Designed Space

posted by tucker

I’ve been really, really busy with photography work lately, and it’s basically all between Rick and J Young! But that is good, as they involve two areas of photography I am not as familiar with, portraiture/fashion and architecture. To top it all off, both involve even more aspects I am not familiar with; shooting J Young has involved lighting heavily, causing me to learn how to use/position a reflector to bounce my flash, while balancing that with the natural light, and Rick’s stuff has involved a lot of indoor HDR, which I have very little experience doing. Both have proven a further challenge for the same reason: my gear is set up for landscape photography, as that is what I have felt most at home doing and honestly really enjoy the most. The 16-35mm is at home doing landscapes, as it is extraordinarily wide, but when things are closer to the lens, it distorts. A ton. That makes it tough to use in both areas of work, as you don’t want people to appear stretched and you don’t want crazy weird angles and distortion in architecture. I have had to use Photoshop’s Lens Correction tool a bunch for doing Rick’s work, and I have used mostly the 70-200mm for doing J Young. However, I have had to switch to the 16 for a few of the shots of J, especially the shoot today that involved J’s friend Koleone and a Maserati. They were scheduled to shoot a video that Paul and I were supposed to shoot stills during, but that didn’t end up working out that well… hopefully soon though. Anyway, the point of all this is I have realized that the ideal lens for the work I am doing would be the 24-105mm f/4L IS. That range covers EVERYTHING I need for doing J’s stuff, as I never need wider than 16 and never honestly go in all the way to 200mm on my current telephoto, and I would therefore never need to change lenses. The 24-105 also doesn’t distort at all, and also has built in Image Stabilization, making it a truly ideal all-around lens. I am most likely going to sell my 70-200mm and pick up a 24-105 fairly soon. Anyway, here are two shots, one of Rick’s kitchen, and one of his bathroom, both designed and art directed by the man himself. I’m currently editing 3 shoots of J Young, the 60-something HDRs of the Tidwell poolhouse, the HDRs of Rick’s upstairs bathroom, and the HDRs of Rick’s kitchen… I’m really not sure when it will all get done….

Rick's kitchen in all it's glory. And distortion.

And Rick's upstairs bathroom, an equally gorgeous space. The amount of textures, light, and detail really show with HDR.

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