Palio Shots

posted by giacomo

Siena has an ancient and awesome tradition of bareback horse races between the various contrade (city districts) called the Palio (also the name of the banner awarded to the winning district) which happen twice a year, and was featured in the most recent 007 movie. Anyways, I was too worried to bring my camera to the actual Palio (the scene right after the intro sequence is of the Palio to give you a sense of the insanity) but fortunately there are trial races held every morning and night in the days before the race. I went to several of these trials and took a bunch of pictures, in RAW, and am trying out some single-shot HDR processing. Things I have discovered: 1. My camera is still really noisey (not really a surprise) especially when I pump up the ISO to get fast shutter speeds on these horses 2. Single-shot HDR processing makes them a lot noisier (ugh). I can’t do my usual de-noising stuff in Photoshop with my laptop (I have the plug-in for windows since my PC is substantially more powerful than my laptop), so I guess I’ll have to do what I can….take a look…

A jockey riding the Leocorno (Unicorn) district's horse decked out in their colors at the Palio horse trials

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