A Poolhouse from Fairyland

posted by tucker

Rick Jones, who has corrected me in calling him an architect, asked me to come shoot what he considers some of his best work. The, er, designer-genius-architect really did the Tidwells justice with their pool, poolhouse, and the entire addition that he dreamed up and saw through to completion. The pictures speak for themselves; the space was gorgeous to begin with, and Rick’s ideas and sensibilities really complete the space, making it one you just want to remain in forever. And we almost did, spending nearly 3 hours taking HDRs… I barely noticed the time, because the light and clouds were so great for the whole thing that I just kept shooting. 406 images and 10.6gb later, we finally left and I now have a monstrous processing job ahead of me… but it will be great, because nearly every shot is a keeper and turned out like these:

The main house and pool.

Poolhouse and Pool. Gotta love pre-storm clouds; never fail to make a great HDR!

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