An HDR Break

posted by tucker

I did another photo shoot with J Young earlier, which went really well (which means that there are over 100 images to edit… and those are the ones I chose after sorting through the 300 or so that I took…) and we shot almost non-stop for 3 hours. Having to wait for my flash to cycle is really getting to me; it didn’t matter before when I wasn’t doing repeated, fast flashes but for something like this I need to be popping flash on every shot, usually 1/1 power or 1/2 depending on where we are, and that eats batteries and makes it take longer to cycle as the batteries drain… towards the end I was waiting 10 seconds per flash! Not acceptable. I will need to invest in the CP-E4 portable battery pack or something similar if I am to keep doing shoots like this that are lighting-intensive. In between the mayhem, I was able to grab a few HDRs as J changed outfits. We were shooting in the old burned down cotton mill on Boulevard, which is a location I have ALWAYS wanted to shoot inside, but never could because it’s gated… but what do you know, he knows a guy in there who buzzed us in so we had free reign in the place. He also knows a few guys with exotic cars, and we have a shoot with an awesome Benz lined up soon, as well as a Lamborghini… I’ll be sure to do some HDR when this goes down so I can post it here without feeling guilty ๐Ÿ™‚

The iconic smokestack that is part of the Atlanta skyline that I finally got to see up close... p.s. the 16-35mm distorts. A ton. It's usually awesome, I don't know about it here.

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