Finally, More Graffiti!

posted by tucker

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a graffiti post… but Maine is happily graffiti-free! I have had less and less time to post due to my internship and photo assignments that prevent me from exploring the city and doing HDR… but this is a good thing, as it is expanding my photographic horizons and giving me great practice doing some architectural photography for Rick among other things. I spent all day today processing photos from Grant Park from a few days ago, and then going back to the park with Rick to shoot a few more places. We covered a lot of ground; no dramatic skies but the pictures tell a story and hopefully can show both the beauty and the need for improvement and repair that pervades the place. Yesterday, Paul asked me to help him with a photo shoot for J Young, an up and coming Atlanta rapper. This fell into the category of “photographic projects that prevent me from doing HDR but are good because they make me do things I’m not used to.” Portraiture is, quite frankly, something I avoid at all costs… I don’t know why, I have always gravitated to landscapes, cityscapes, etc. But it was so fun! Be sure to check out my photo blog, as I have posted a few of them over there.

The tents under the Freedom Parkway Overpass on the Beltline. Gotta love the "Graffiti Me" graffiti...

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