Happy Fourth!

posted by tucker

Happy Fourth of July! I am headed off to a dinner party soon where there will hopefully be fireworks for me to shoot… no idea if I’ll be able to pull off an HDR; more likely I will grab a single RAW and save out 3 versions from Photoshop using the Raw converter, one dark, the original shot, and one light. Won’t be like having 3 real shots, but it may do the trick… I’m still processing the HUGE amount of photos from the Grant Park shoots, and was happy with a few of them so I’ll post those now, just in case I’m too tired to post anything later tonight. The tree is really something else, its leaning more precariously than the Leaning Tower of Pisa and there is no lump near the bottom, which means its root structure must be enormous. Really a cool landmark that is also a metaphor for the park, beautiful but in need of new life.

I will never say no to some good ole God Rays.

The circular polarizer can create the most unusual skies... I liked the oddness here.

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