Grant Park and Back in the ATL

posted by tucker

So Maine was awesome, but I am now back in Atlanta and immediately upon arriving I began my internship at the HIGH Museum, which is taking up most of my time. Between that and finishing construction on my room, I have basically zero time to shoot… updates may be sparse in the next few weeks which is unfortunate but just how it is. Things kinda slow down when the average temperature is ~98° with tons of humidity… doesn’t make you want to go outside and shoot a ton. I’ll be doing some more stuff for Rick, who had asked me to shoot some of his work and places he’s pushing to improve in Grant Park, and he also has shown me some more sites that I will visit soon and photograph. I have a ton more pictures from Maine but I don’t want to post them all at once! Oh well. Here is another one from Grant Park.

Great skies and a nice path running through Grant Park. The areas around it need work and that is what Rick is focusing on.

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