Around Siena Again

posted by giacomo

My window looks out over a valley in the middle of Siena which gives me a good view of the Duomo over those roofs.The other night I looked out my window at the Duomo and saw the moon rising silently beside it. The moon was so beautiful right next to the belltower, and the sky was so clear, I got excited and forgot all my HDR scene guidelines and just shot. I shot so many different brackets I told myself I would be able to make something work from them, and the results pleased me. Although I was sure my pictures were fast, I was amazed at how quickly the moon rises even between 30 seconds of picture taking. I understand now why Tucker (grumbling) waits for moonset before even thinking about shooting stars in the night sky.

Di raggio in raggio, io vorrei salire, e con te venire, a rischiarare il ciel...

And to round things out, here’s a (slightly smaller) church ;). The clouds were too good, I couldn’t resist…

This church is the religious center of the Selva contrada (Forest district)

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