Just Another Day in Maine

posted by tucker

The thing I love about this place is that sunsets like the one we had tonight are considered commonplace, not even worth spending time looking at because they happen so frequently. I guess that marks me as a non-Mainer, but I don’t care… I got out of the car in the pouring rain to get this shot! I spent about 15 minutes outside shooting, and my camera was literally soaked when I was done but I just trusted Canon’s weather sealing and all seems well. The sunset was really awesome by Atlanta standards anyway, and I figured, on my last night here, I gotta get the shots, whatever it takes. Braving the mosquitoes that were out despite the downpour, and the rain itself, as well as fighting to keep my mini tripod (I’d left the big guy back at the house) stable through the ±4 stop, 6-shot bracketing was no fun, but I kept thinking… wait till they are processed! And I was rewarded. After spending 2 hours in Photoshop editing out the drops of water that showed up as large out of focus dark blotches on the images because I was shooting at F11 to attempt to get the sun to make a light star, which failed in this particular image but worked in a few others… I got this, which sums up Maine in a picture.

The many colors of a Maine sunset suffuse the sky and waters of South Bristol.

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