Dinner at the Pemaquid Co-Op

posted by tucker

We surprised my Grandpa for his 80th birthday, and (almost) the entire family made the trip up to Maine to celebrate! He was truly surprised; we had fooled him into thinking we were taking him out to dinner and he arrived at his house to find it entirely decorated, with dinner ready and all of our extended family there. The day after, the families ate a lobster dinner at the Pemaquid Lobster Co-Op, a restaurant that is also a commercial fishing cooperative, and thus has a huge dock out into the bay where the lobstermen come and deliver the day’s catch. I had a few minutes after dinner just as the sun was setting, and, arming myself with the trusty Trek Tech mini tripod, adventured out onto the dock for some HDR fun.

Lobstermen come to the docks of the Pemaquid Co-Op every day to drop off their catch and refuel.

Yet another great Maine sunset. Wish I could have been there longer, but the family was waving at me to hurry up!

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