Sunset on the Dock

posted by tucker

I went down to the dock at sunset tonight and braved the gnats to shoot a ton as the light changed rapidly. I got a lot, and have processed most of it, but I will add them to my “to sprinkle in later entries” pile. There was absolutely no wind, so the water was completely still allowing for great reflections. I attempted to do an HDR panorama but omigod that is going to be so much work that I don’t feel like doing unless the scene is 100% worth it and, in this case, it just wasn’t… the sun made great colors, but the sky could have used more clouds. I will eventually find something that is worth attempting this on but it will entail probably a weeks worth of time in Photomatix and Photoshop that I just don’t want to do right now. I have yet to do some star trail work, but that is in the works… I can’t guarantee if that will be HDR or not, but either way it will show up here or on my photo page. I will take some time in the near future to upload some of what I shot this morning to my “straight photography” blog; I went down the road to this garden to get some absolutely awesome macros of flowers covered with droplets of water after the rain this morning. I’ll break the “HDR only” rule and put one in this post… I have like 8 shots from tonight that I want to put up but I will limit myself to my favorite one!

Kayks, docks, oceans, and great sunsets... that's Maine! (Well, that's a lot of places that are not Atlanta anyway...)

No, this is not HDR... but isn't it awesome how the surroundings are reflected in the individual droplets of water? This is a 100% crop of the full res version; click for the whole thing!

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