More Mass MoCA and Maine

posted by tucker

Back from Mass, I sat down and processed a few more of the shots. I did a TON inside the Sol Lewitt exhibit; going hand-held and just simply bracketing everything made it so that I ended up with way too many HDRs… but I will keep sprinkling them around as I am happy with them all. It was a really fun place for composition, and the phrase “be responsible for everything in the frame” kept popping back in my mind all the way from 9th grade photo class. You’ve gotta keep all the angles, lines, and elements in order to make it all come together. When I got back, I went outside our house and took a few quick shots… I’ll be posting more when I get a better sky (ie go out more towards sunset…) but these were fun enough. (On second thought, I just looked at the other image I wanted to post, and I like the composition but I’m going to wait for a better, non blue sky and then I’ll put it up. So just these two for now :D)

Another of Sol Lewitt's wall paintings. This one comes free with cool clouds!

Reflection off the door on the side of our house.

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