Summer in Maine…

posted by tucker

…sure beats summer in Atlanta! We have settled in here, and I went out tonight for an hour or so to see what I could get. Not the best sunset ever, but theres a lot more time for that, not to mention the amount of places I want to go and shoot. We got to our plane with 6 minutes to go before the closed the gate, and all of the overhead bins were full, so we had to gate-check our carry-ons. I am SO lucky that I got the Pelican hard case when I did! They would have checked my camera gear in it’s soft case that I previously had and that would almost certainly have ended in disaster; as it was I cheerfully handed them my Pelican, knowing that they could literally drop acid on it and it would come back to me fine. After unpacking, I went into the nearby town of Damariscotta to get these two shots.

Sunset over the Damariscotta River as it meets the Atlantic Ocean, which results in churning waters during tide changes.

Same sunset, different view, this one taken from the spit of land that the Damariscotta hospital sits on.

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