Venice Beach: Not!

posted by giacomo

Last week I was in the real Venice, which is a beautiful, but dying, city. I say dying because every time I’ve gone there it has seemed fragile and fake. Although buoyed up by the heavy tourist industry, it lacks the life imparted by a real native p

opulation, and it still is literally sinking (sorry, couldn’t resist the puns…) Venice has many beautiful things (especially St. Mark’s Cathedral) but to see them you have to fight through a crowd of other camera-toting tourists (who sometimes lack picture taking etiquette, in my opinion). Anyways, I had a fun time there and took many pictures, but found little that I thought would make a good HDR. Luckily, I got bored at one point and took this of what I thought would be nothing.

A peek down one of the many beautiful canals of Venice

Although I only shot a few HDR brackets, I took a gondola ride (for the first time!) which was pretty fun and took me near some really pretty back alleys/canals:

Everyone should ride a gondola at least once. Actually, just exactly once, it was really expensive...

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