Venice Beach: The Courts

posted by andrew

So we went by Venice Beach last Saturday and it was my first time going. Interesting place full of interesting people. We were taken for a ride for a couple bucks by a homeless man who claimed to hold USC’s pitching record and witnessed an authentic street performance full of acrobats trying to earn a few bucks. It’s what you’ve always heard about the place but until you see it first hand it doesn’t really click. At any rate, we had fun just wandering around and finding a quick place to get a hotdog. As I ate I decided that no trip to Venice Beach could be complete without some shots of the famous basketball courts and the street games that break out them. We didn’t see Ed Norton but there was plenty of action to be had…

Never seen a court this blue before...maybe it's because it was about 20 yards away from the Police Station? Venice Beach CA

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