Elephant for Sam

posted by tucker

Here, as I promised Sam, is the second in a series of elephant pictures… this elephant is so teeny and full of awesome details that you can only see with the macro that he makes a really fun still life subject. Don’t think you’ve seen the last of him…! I used my new Trek Tech T-pod that I’ve been talking up over the past week or so to get really close on the table. The thing is awesome! Supports my 5d, batter grip, and the 100mm macro with ease, very sturdy lil’ thing. Speaking of sturdy, I also got my Pelican 1520… with all my gear inside it weighs 27lbs! I got my wish today, and we had another huge thunderstorm… but it lasted all day, and kept me inside, so it didn’t really help  me get out and shoot. Hopefully some of the weather will carry over tomorrow. The second shot is one I ran across on my computer and realized I’d never bothered to put up, partially because so much of me wants to go back and reshoot it… it was done quite a few months ago at this point, when we were really just figuring out the basics of HDR still… and I shot it in JPG! With awful framing, and the sky moved so much in between the brackets that it got all blurred and weird at the edges… but you know, I can’t deny a sky like that, and I’m not sure I want to pay another 5 dollars to get on top of the Lindberg Center parking deck; maybe if Giacomo and Andrew are back in town sometime it will be worth it. I like the way the HDR process turned what were the brake-lights of cars into black strips that resemble tire tracks. Makes it look a lot more hardcore than it is… anyway, here are the shots.

The Eeny Weeny Brass Elephant on a clay dish of some sort. He will rise again!

Yet another night HDR of the Atlanta Skyline, this time from the top of the Lindbergh Center parking deck.

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