The Duomo di Siena

posted by giacomo

So my adventures on my day of shooting here in Siena inevitably brought me to the beautiful Duomo di Siena, whose dominance of the skyline is only rivaled by the Torre on the Campo (when visible – the streets are so narrow here and the buildings are often tall enough to leave only a sliver of visible sky). The crowded nature of the city left little opportunity for me to get really majestic wide shots of the church, and I honestly did not spend enough time with it that day. I observed the beautifully decorated interior during mass the previous Sunday, but since they do not allow pictures, I can only urge you visit and see it for yourself. Italy is full of these beautiful cathedrals, each one more beautiful than the next, but they mostly remain an eyes-only experience.

The majestic façade of the Duomo di Siena

Dome of the Duomo

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