New Views of Old Subjects

posted by tucker

The awful, 95-100 degree weather and humidity over the past few days have just simply kept me indoors. I am praying for some more of these awesome thunderstorms to roll through so I can get some good skies again… for now its just haze, bluish gray skies, and sweat. Ah well. I can live through these images and pretend I’m back a few weeks ago, and I’m sure the weather will change (as it always does) and if not, I will be heading to Maine on Friday where I am SURE to get some good stuff. I will be shooting as much as I can while there; I really can’t wait to get out of Atlanta for a bit! As much as I love my city, I want some new subject matter…

Tomorrow my Trek Tech mini tripod and Pelican 1520 hard case are arriving… I plan to fully submerge the case in my bathtub just because I can! It is rated for 30 minutes under 1 meter of water, and will float on saltwater with 40 POUNDS of gear inside. Yes please. It will be great to take on the various boats/dinghies/canoes that I plan on going around in while in Maine to visit various islands and generally pretty places.

Is it just me or does it look like the amorphous graffiti-blob on the lower right is peeing onto the pavement?? Anyway, its a cool 3D effect.

Overhead view of the Beltline as it begins from Dekalb Avenue. Maybe they will build something here...?

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