Atlanta from a New Perspective – The Beltline Segment 1

posted by tucker

I am calling this “Segment 1” only because it is the part of the Beltline that stretches from Dekalb Avenue to Freedom Parkway, which is a good ways to go. Segment 2 will be from underneath Freedom Parkway to, well, I’m not sure yet, because I haven’t walked it… but as I’m sure you can guess, that’s on my list of things to do in the near future. Paul and I walked through the sweltering heat and stopped at a few places to grab some shots of the art that’s being done by local artists along the Beltline, and of course, of that great graffiti underneath the Freedom Parkway overpass. We must have spent an hour or so under there… it was really cool and not as sketchy as it is at night. I wish we’d had a better sky… if I went out later maybe, but I guess I will consider this a preliminary walk to see what it’s like; everyone has been talking about how cool it is to get a train’s perspective on the city and so far it has been awesome. My ultimate goal is to get to the old train bridge that goes over Ponce de Leon, that bridge that I must have driven under like twice a day every day that I’ve been in town. I think some awesome photos could be taken from there… but it means walking allll that way! It will happen, I just gotta make sure the sky’s gonna cooperate first. Paul got his Trek Tech T-Pod, and mine comes Monday, and we both copied Giacomo… but hey, its easily the sturdiest mini tripod I’ve ever used, and it’s really great in a pinch or if you don’t want to lug a larger one around. Anyway, here’s some of what we got today.

Some of the cool art along the Beltline.

Shot from inside the tents that were built under the Freedom Pkwy overpass. The chromatic aberration made that redness in the fabric!

The obligatory graffiti shot, from a vantage point I'd never seen before. Too bad the sky was so boring...

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