Favicons and Freedom… Parkway

posted by tucker

First, if your eyes are good, you might be able to see our teeny new “favicon” that I finally got around to making. Essentially, it is a 16×16 pixel .ico file that nearly every website has these days that shows up next to the URL. It’s really simple right now but I am hoping that the one of us who is in Italy (he will go unnamed) will get around to making it better, as I know he gets really into this kind of thing… I kinda like it though. It’s nice to have something.

I must have been here a thousand times and posted what seems like a thousand pictures from this location… but it just so happens that on the times I’ve been there with my camera, a convergence of line, graffiti, clouds, and sunlight have come together to make some of the most “wow” inducing HDR’s I’ve yet to make. These were the first I’d done at exactly midday, lighting conditions that are normally disdained by photographers as being too “harsh.” I have come to discover that all this means is “too high contrast to capture in one image…” that sounds like a problem HDR can fix! And it does. I may get around to shooting some tonight, my family is going to a dinner party up the street and I am bringing my camera so who knows what will happen. Just in case I end up getting back really late, I thought I’d post before I left.

Yet another view of the Freedom Parkway Bridge and its accompanying graffiti.

View of the new developments below the bike trail, right near my house.

The eagle eyed among you (ie, those who live nearby…) might notice the brown brick building in the middle of the frame is the same one depicted in an earlier post. I love returning to places to capture them from different angles, in different lights, and at different times of day.

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