Atlanta Stove Works

posted by tucker

I have always loved the big yellow sign along Krog street that is a remnant from Atlanta’s industrial days, when the Atlanta Stove Works was just that, a manufacturing plant for cast iron skillets and pot-bellied stoves. Now, it has been repurposed into lofts, and also contains several great restaurants including the Krog Bar, run by the well known chef Kevin Rathbun. The Stove Works parking lot is also where I learned how to drive! I came back to shoot it a few weeks ago and just now got around to processing the shots. After spending some time looking at the work of arguably the most influential architectural photographer in the world, Julius Shulman, I now spend much longer attempting to make sure all the lines in my pictures are straight, parallel with the sides of the frame. I went to the Woodruff Arts Center and watched the new documentary about him, and was really taken by his absolutely incredible compositions; his meticulous care with angles and lines and use of single-point perspective really draw you into the images in a way that the actual houses he depicts sometimes do not. These shots were unfortunately taken before I was so interested in Shulman’s work, and I would love to go re-shoot them to see if I could get better compositions. It is quite hard to do when using a lens that is so wide, because the lines tend to converge really quickly causing lots of distortion. Something else to work on…!

Big Yellow Sign outside of the Atlanta Stove Works.

Just to the right of the sign, a detail of some flowers and a great sky.

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