Exploring Marietta Street

posted by tucker

Paul and I decided to go back to Marietta street, to one of the areas we’d seen as we were driving around in a huge storm a few days ago. Today was the opposite of stormy, clear blue skies that made using the circular polarizer pretty fun. It really brings out some contrast in the sky and clouds that is otherwise hard to get. Its main use is to cut glare from windows and water and other things that are getting angled sunlight, but the fact that it makes blue skies bluer is a bonus for sure! Can’t have awesome clouds every day… we stopped off by the train tracks that run parallel to Marietta street and through Atlanta, which got its start as a huge train city for supplies during the Civil War. Paul and I walked along the many sets of tracks, and while we were there two trains came by! I wasn’t able to work them into an HDR (I am not quite as pro at masking out moving objects like Mr. Ratcliff is…) but it definitely added to the overall atmosphere of “decrepit and half abandoned but vital to the city’s survival” like so many of the sites I find myself shooting in Atlanta. I will definitely be returning here, hopefully on a day with some more interesting clouds and I want to walk farther along in either direction and see what I can find.

The many converging train tracks along Marietta Street, taking cargo into the heart of Downtown Atlanta.

Of course, if there's graffiti around, I will find it and HDR it ๐Ÿ™‚

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