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I mentioned earlier that the monks at the Holy Spirit Monastery, in addition to their devout daily worship, engage in many other interesting daily activities… including making yummy fudge, and of course, tending their banzai garden. There are some trees that are for sale, from modest prices for the smaller ones to truly exorbitant ones for the larger, best looking trees… and there are some that are marked “not for sale” and include the name of the monk who is currently tending that plant. As I was going around photographing and just admiring the little trees, sure enough, monks would come and go, watering their own plants, making sure all was well.

I put up two fairly lengthy posts on my blog, go check em out if you want to see some cool non-HDR stuff!

Many Banzai trees grow here, some for sale, some privately tended.

One of my favorite little trees.

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