Morris Brown Stadium

posted by tucker

Paul and I took an adventure across Atlanta, literally getting lost and ending up at a stadium somewhere in East Atlanta with great light, and a desire to shoot some HDRs. We kept saying, “So where exactly are we…?” It took an iPhone to figure out we were in fact on the campus of Morris Brown College, and their stadium was completely deserted so we had the place to ourselves. We have been getting literally a storm every day here, so once again I found myself shooting right before one came along, and great clouds and light resulted. The first shot is of the abandoned ticket booths, and the second is of the abandoned stadium itself… had climb up on top of a wall to get that view, but it was worth it. After we finished shooting, we drove around some more but it started pouring, so we were only able to do some scouting. Plans are in place to return to Marietta Blvd and explore along there, because from what we saw nearly every block had some amazing material, provided we get another good day to go shooting.

Ticket Booths at Morris Brown Stadium

Stands and Stadium at Morris Brown College

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