Graffiti, Storms, and Site Bugs

posted by tucker

A multitude of things have kept me from going out and shooting these past few days. First came the arrival of my macro, then came two job interviews, then came these huge rainstorms, and now I have lots of fun PHP bugs on top of that… :/ I got it

back to the point where I can upload images but it is still not working entirely correctly and for some reason half of the time the imported images won’t retain their correct rotations. Mucho headaches have ensued, and I’m not really sure what is causing my “out of memory” errors… for some reason the images still manage to be uploaded even though it claims otherwise, so I will hobble along like this for another few days until I can figure out the cause of all of this (hopefully something really simple and stupid and therefore easy to fix).

This shot was taken on Edgewood Avenue, where you will find, surprise, lots of graffiti and abandoned buildings. If you haven’t realized by now, I love shooting locations like this. I like preserving these locations in photographs as I have watched many of them transform before my eyes from grungy places that you would not want to visit at night to condos, lofts, and nice retail establishments. Again, I have been taking advantage of the incredible storms we have had lately and the clouds have given me some of the best skies I’ve seen here in a while. There was a fence surrounding this site to prevent trespassers (you can see some of it to the far left) and there was a small hole in it that allowed me to get this shot without having to shoot through the fence, which is never a good thing. However, it somewhat limited my composition… I hope to go shooting outside of Atlanta this weekend but we will see what happens.

Dark clouds predict the coming storm over graffiti on Edgewood

Hmm… seems I should eat my words, as the upload worked error-free from my PC running Windows 7! I hate it when things are “Windows only” because of how much of a Mac fan I am… and I know this particular problem is not platform specific, there’s just some configuration file somewhere that needs to be edited. I would much rather be doing this from my Macbook Pro… in the meantime though, I can make my posts from here and try to find a fix on the Mac side of things.

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