Roman Construction

posted by giacomo

This shot from in front of the Trinità dei Monti looks down the Via Sistina. As one of my first 5-shot brackets, I seem to have gotten really lucky with this shot as well. Despite the time spent switching the bracketing settings (during which people moved a lot!) Photomatix seems to have sorted this movement out extremely well (I didn’t even see ghosting or anything). I had my tripod set up on top of a trash can pointed down those streets, looking for any scenes to bracket since this was one of the few moments when I could set down my tripod and shoot. After so much shooting at Freedom Parkway, I felt like I might be able to work the crane into the shot the same way that Tucker and I use the radio tower. Although I’ve left Rome, I still have many HDRs from there to put up and my limited internet access here prevents me from posting new images as much as I’d like to….But anyways. Take a look.

A crane towers over the Via Gregoriana

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