More of Freedom Parkway

posted by tucker

Biking or walking, I can’t seem to stay away from this location. Every time I go there I seem to find a slightly new angle, with totally different light. This was taken right before a huge storm rolled in and forced me to retreat.

Also — I am working on a new section of this site, for my non-HDR photography. I just got the blog up today, so there is still tons to do, but if you want to check it out occasionally it is located at  I will make an effort to update it daily as well, although as I am probably about to begin an internship and a job… no idea how much time I will have.

On the sidebar there is now a link to a small overview of the HDR process… if you are not familiar with it, and don’t want a hugely technical how-to but would rather just know what is going on, head over there and check it out! It will hopefully help clarify what the 3 of us are up to with these crazy pictures. We are working on a much more in-depth tutorial as well, but that is taking longer….

Bike or walk? Freedom Parkway is great either way.

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