Monastery of the Holy Spirit

posted by tucker

For Cistercian monks who choose a life of solitude and silent worship, Conyers, GA is probably one of the best locations I can think of to simply “get away from it all.” Mostly because, to put it mildly, there ain’t much there. These monks have built a beautifully simple place to live through the years, and make a point of welcoming photographers as they even have a special retreat program geared toward photography! Not sure exactly what that would entail, but it is interesting nonetheless. I had the interior of the church entirely to myself and went up to the balcony to get this shot. Not quite as grand as some of the cathedrals elsewhere in the world (as I’m sure Giacomo is currently seeing…) but it is the first church I’ve ever been able to get a tripod inside to do some HDR, and the stained glass made some pretty light. They also had a banzai farm outside, along with a huge bakery and kitchen devoted entirely to the making of fudge. Reclusive monks who wake at 3:45am, worship, grow small trees, and make rich sweets… it was very interesting.

Interior of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA

Closeup of the stained glass windows inside Holy Spirit Monastery

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