Walt Disney Studio Lot: Water Tower and Soundstages

posted by andrew

It seems my fellow compatriots have been outposting me. Grrr.

I had the lucky privilege of taking the 7D around the Disney Studio Lot last week. What a place! After stopping by for a quick bite to eat in the commissary (under new management, still don’t know how I feel about losing the Panda Express) I headed past Soundstages 1 and 2 trying to find a good angle on the water tower. I quickly discovered that this would be a tough shot considering that no matter what I was going to be below it so I decided to get something with more than just the tower in it. I looked back at where I had come from and framed this up to get a snippet of Burbank’s hilly surroundings, the top of the ABC building peeking over Soundstage 3, the tower of course, and this colorful building up front.

As per Roy Disney's wishes, the tower has six legs instead of four. But why? Burbank CA

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