The Beltline – A New Perspective on Atlanta

posted by tucker

The Beltline project is a (very) long term conversion of the many railroads that go through the city into public transportation, including light rail and bike trails. The rail systems were what the city was original known for, and helped make the city flourish more than a century ago. One of the major things this city currently lacks is good public transportation, especially compared to cities like Boston and NYC. You really need to have a car in the ATL. The Beltline could change all of that, and will, once they get the money… who knows when that will be. Anyway, it was recommended to me as a way to see many new perspectives on the city as it passes under and across many bridges that you otherwise would not have had access to. I happen to love photographing these areas as they usually contain interesting graffiti and generally good subjects. We’ve had a bout of bad weather here, but it has resulted in some awesome clouds over the past few days so in between the rains Paul and I went out shooting and this was one of the places that we stopped. I spent the morning at a Cistercian monastery in Conyers, GA and got some fun stuff there too (they have a banzai farm…?) and will be posting those shots as I process them but, it seems, just as I was complaining about a lack of new HDRs to play with I am inundated with them. It’s memorial day so why not celebrate by posting two shots, they are also related as the second one looks under the Freedom Parkway bridge and the same Beltline can be seen running under there as well. You can also see the tents that some people are building and living in along the path… I guess the rent’s cheaper that way ๐Ÿ™‚

More graffiti along the Beltline, located under the Freedom Parkway Overpass

Graffiti and changing weather along the Atlanta Beltline

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