The Bridge to Nowhere

posted by tucker

I have been fascinated by this bridge for as long as I can remember; it has remained in the exact same, half-broken state for probably decades. I have collected many different views of it over time and I recently returned there to do some HDR. I have always wanted to get up the nerve to climb up in there but somehow common sense always gets the better of me… The first picture is one I did back in sophomore year of high school, when I was just discovering all of these areas of Atlanta. I have always loved shooting at night, and to some extent HDR photography is the logical conclusion of low-light shooting; it gives you the same sort of surreal lighting effects that you get with ultra-long shutterspeeds at night, but you get detail back in your highlights and shadows! The second shot is of the same bridge, just at a different angle, 4 years later, and using 5 bracketed images to generate an HDR. I still love night photography, but have recently been so happy with HDR that I have taken a break from shooting in the dead of night.

The Lake St Bridge, from a long-exposure I shot in high school with the 30D. This is not an HDR.

HDR Shot of the same bridge, 4 years later, 5 shot bracket with the 5D Mk II

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