A Storm Brews in the Heavens

posted by giacomo

It sometimes seems that despite all the careful planning in the world, bad luck can destroy a good picture. However, in the same way, good luck can unexpectedly give you the opportunity to make some amazing photographs. HDR for me seems to especially highlight this problem, since I personally have even less chance than usual of knowing whether one of my HDR brackets will make a good picture. Sometimes, though, I just get really lucky. I was attempting a 5-stop bracket with -2, -1, 0, 1, and 2 EV (manually-Canon cameras have a lot of good features but in the bracketing realm Nikon has them beat) on the sky with the sun in frame, and during processing found that there was too much movement between setting up each set of brackets. Exasperated after an hour of work, I just decided to reprocess just the 3 stops in the middle and immediately saw how spectacular this scene had come out. This HDR is definitely one of the less subtly processed; the sky looked nothing like this when I was looking out over Rome.

A mass of clouds gather in the Roman twilight

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