Night Light in the Back Alleys of Inman Park

posted by tucker

I decided to see what I could find in walking distance of my house, and the light and clouds ended up being so cooperative that I shot 6GB of images before it got dark! That amounts to something like 60 HDR shots to process… I have done a few alre

ady and will post them up as I do more. I walked over to Krog street, and then down behind the bike trail for this particular shot, up onto the bike trail, and down under the bridge where there were people making tents. I don’t even know what street this shot was taken from, but it’s an angle that I have never really seen despite living so close. Sometimes it pays to explore what’s nearby, especially when the changing weather brings great clouds such as these. I am trying a new technique, 6 shot bracketing, which effectively gives me ±3 stops of light. I do this in manual mode, sliding the 3 shots of bracketing down to what would be -3, for 2 dark shots and one neutral, and then another bracket is taken up at what would be +3. It is much more time consuming and limits your shots because nothing can really be moving due to the time it takes to adjust camera settings in between the brackets, but it allows a bit more light and that is always good. You end up with 5 usable exposures, since 2 are duplicates taken at ±0ev. I will continue to experiment with this method and see if it’s really worth the extra time, and disk space.

Abandoned buildings mixed with new establishments in the alleyways of Inman Park

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